Become a Club Dancer Close to London

"Gentlemen’s club dancer in London" may not be what you initially type into the likes of Google to search for stripping or exotic dance jobs. However, this may be where you’re going wrong. You may be missing a trick on several excellent job opportunities – a few of the best – not to mention those at The After 8 Club.

As a gentlemen’s club, otherwise known as a private members club, we provide our customers with sublime comfort, entertainment and a friendly atmosphere. 

Our entertainment includes exotic dancing and stripping, which is why this may be just the ticket for you – especially if you enjoy performing. It’s a brilliant idea, but is it enough to lure you in, and to press the ‘send’ button for one of our job opportunities?

Maybe not. It’s for this reason we pay our girls £200 to £300 per night, and provide full training. So, even if you don’t have the experience but the confidence, skills, and willingness to succeed, you’ll perhaps discover the ultimate role with us. When we notice talent, it’s our duty to encourage it, which means we’ll teach you all you need to know so you’re the best club dancer in London. Rest assured, you'll love your job – and will love working for us!

Already have the expertise in this niche? Perfect. Take part in our audition and send in your application so we can discuss The After 8 Club and how we can help each other.

Pole dancing, exotic dancing and stripping are no walk in the park. We know there are numerous elements to think about and tons of skills to learn before, during, and after your exotic dancing performance.  

Happily, we compensate justly. We look after you, and our setting is totally safe, comfortable, and secure. Being a gentlemen’s club, we guarantee that only exclusively-invited guests enter our premises. The result? Zero trouble, incredible atmosphere, loads of fun, and more than enough scope to be the best club dancer in London you can be.

In terms of gentlemen’s club dancer jobs in London, look no further than The After 8 Club – we’ll help you reach your goals!

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So, why not reach out to us now? While there may be plenty of club dancer jobs in London, there aren’t quite as many as the ones we’re offering at The After 8 Club. Go on; get in contact with us today.

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