Exotic Dancer’s Salary

Working as a stripper often gets a bad rep. So, we think it’s about time to talk about the plusses of working in this type of profession and an exotic dancer’s salary, whether you’re in it for a long or short time.

What’s an Exotic Dancer?

You have to have a lot of strength to survive as an exotic dancer, not to mention a positive attitude. A pole dancer performs provocatively for guests to acquire tips as payment. This job type entails dancing skills and perhaps the aptitude to work with a pole. Exotic dancers usually have to travel to various locations if they’re recruited for particular parties.

You’d generally spend a day or night dancing in an establishment, ranging from private dances to on-stage dances with a guest, one-to-one. The job also necessitates a great deal of customer service know-how and the capacity to work well in a team. You earn by being paid in tips and commission and typically work at night and at weekends. However, you can work during the day, depending on where you live.

You Can Earn Great Money

An exotic dancer’s salary isn’t to be sniffed at. You’d be astonished at how much you can make from being a stripper. Primarily, your salary hinges on which club you’re hired at, as the club’s regular guests play a critical part in this. What’s more, you may come across prestigious characters while you’re on stage, and the pay you get from your stint can be made in just one night – in just a couple of hours of dancing.  

The national average for an exotic dancer is around £31,600 in the UK.

Learn a Brilliant New Skill

An exotic dancer’s salary compensates you for all your hard work, from endurance to superior muscle control. While performing sexy dance routines may seem a breeze to many, you won’t get very far if you only know how to expose skin and gyrate your hips. 

Stripping professionals undertake thorough training to preserve a fit physique and rehearse their dance routines. Many also practice pole dancing classes to improve their catalogue of dance actions and enhance their energetic performances. 

Stripping Bolsters Your Morale 

As well as the self-confidence you attain from working hard to get that perfect stripper physique, you also acquire attention which further boosts your confidence. The more guests that flock and await your dance routine, the more you realise how erotic and appealing you are – and the better your exotic dancer’s salary!

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