Exotic Dancing


Exotic dancing involves performing in strip clubs, at private parties such as bachelorette or bachelor events – or, perhaps, both. Strippers dance and perform gymnastic techniques on a pole, as well as lap dances with individual customers in private spaces.

What’s Exotic Dancing?

Exotic dancing entails the below responsibilities: 

  • Receiving income by performing acrobatic and dance routines on stage in a strip club.
  • Performing acrobatic tricks and dance routines in a strip club on stage to earn tips.
  • Offering individual lap dances for specific fees or performing stripteases at private events to make money.
  • Assembling provocative and attractive hairstyles, makeup, and outfits.
  • Mixing with customers and taking part in chats to inspire private sessions.


A Day in the Life of an Exotic Dancing Professional

You don’t need a higher education to become a stripper. Numerous exotic dancers select the occupation to earn a good wage while studying for a degree, for example. 

If you’re of legal age, you’ll be able to work as an exotic dancer near to where you're based. Every county has its own guidelines and rules surrounding age constraints, together with outfit requirements and other regulations – so before auditioning, be sure to clue yourself up on the legalities of the position.

Exotic dancing means auditioning successfully. Several clubs host amateur events in which they let multiple wannabe dancers audition, while others will allow you to join any night, climb on stage, and dance away and wow the customers with your skills.

Your figure may or may not matter, as certain customers prefer different things. However, talent and stage presence are imperative. Clubs look for exotic dancing professionals who entice audiences and will simply do away with anyone who lacks the right skills that appeal to the crowd, whether they're just renting the space or employed by the club.

Being successful in exotic dancing for a private party is typically a case of promoting your services at the club to receive invites to get involved at events or plugging your services in different ways.

Quite a few strippers have business cards and maintain websites, while others promote their services via a professional mediator supplier that recommends customers to the exotic dancer when necessary. Having business and marketing experience is useful in this industry, as you’re responsible for earning your own income.

If you’re interested in exotic dancing, The After 8 Gentlemen’s Club can help! We’ll give you the chance to become a dancer in our club and fully train you if you lack the experience. For more info, email info@after8club.co.uk or call 01582 380 147. 


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