How Much do Pole Dancers Make an Hour 

How Much Does the Average Pole Dancer Make?

So, how much do pole dancers make an hour? This depends on a range of factors, including your skills, the club, where you live, and promotional events, to name just a few. But generally speaking, strippers can earn roughly between £12-£14 per hour. However, this varies depending on whether you’re an amateur or seasoned professional.


Factors Influencing a Pole Dancer’s Average Salary 

 How much pole dancers make an hour depends on where they’re working, and their dance experience.

 Let’s look at what factors affect the overall salary:

 Work Experience

While dancers lacking the skillset can make roughly £12 per hour, more veteran dancers can make around £300 per night. At The After 8 Club in Luton, you can expect to earn between £200 and £300 per night!

A Stripper’s Diligence and Outlook

Unreliable exotic dancers will get less money than those who show responsibility for their profession.

The Type of Bar or Club 

How much pole dancers make an hour depends on the kind of bar or club. By and large, establishments with more guests can pay strippers better wages than those with fewer clients.

How Large or Small the Club

The first step to finding out how much pole dancers make an hour is determining the number of clubs in your area. Usually, strippers in large clubs earn more than those in smaller establishments.

Dancing Experience 

How much dance experience you have dictates the salary you’ll make as a stripper. The more you practice, the better you’ll be at pole dancing and, thus, you’ll receive more high-paying guests.

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