Exotic Dancer Jobs Bedford

What do you want from the exotic dancer jobs you are applying for? Why are you applying for those jobs in particular? Are they promising you great rates of pay, a safe, secure place to work, a prestigious venue to entertain in? We are – we’re the After 8 Club, and we promise all of that and more. These are not empty promises either. We have a reputation to uphold, one that we’re extremely proud of, so we want to make sure that you’re as happy as we are. So what is it we’re looking for? We’re looking for someone who is enthusiastic and confident, who can dance and strip and use the pole. We want someone who is happy to be watched and to entertain. It may sound easy, but there is a lot to it, and you need to be sure you are applying for a job that is right for you. And what will we give in return? Plenty! Firstly, there’s the money (after all, if you’re looking for a job, that’s what you’re going to need to know about – it has to be right for you); it’s £200 to £300 per night for your services. Then you’ll need to know about the training – yes, there’s training! We offer exceptional training for those who show us they have the ability and the promise. So even if you have no experience, you can still apply. We encourage it. We encourage applications from anyone and everyone if dancing is what they want to do and they’re good at it. So go ahead – send your application in. Exotic dancer jobs vary. Some are fantastic, some are terrible. Make sure you know which type you’re applying for before you start. If you come straight to The After 8 Club, you’ll be sure that you’re making a good choice.