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Exotic Dancing Jobs Near Me London

Exotic Dancing Jobs Near Me London

Exotic dancing jobs near me London is a great way to start a search for this kind of job, and it will give you a wide variety of venues and employers to look at. It will take some time to wade through them all, to sift the good from the bad, the well paid from the minimum wage, the safe from the less comfortable places… so how much time do you have?

If the answer is that you don’t have much time at all – perhaps you are already working, or you’re studying, or you have a lot to do at home – then why not skip that hard work and come straight to us at The After 8 Club? We are a fantastic private members club that offers exceptional wages, an amazing environment to dance and strip in, and we promise to look after you too. We don’t want you to be worried or scared about your job, and because we are a private members club we know everyone who walks through our doors; we know we’ve got the good guys with us.

So, we pay very well. For exotic dancing, pole dancing, stripping, and generally entertaining our guests, we pay £200 to £300 per night. Not only that, but we don’t require you to have any experience either; we are happy to train the right people for the right job, ensuring that everyone is happy. Experience is great, of course, and if you already have some (or a lot) then that’s wonderful and we’ll be really pleased to see what you can do. But as we said, no experience shouldn’t be a barrier to entry, and our training is second to none. Just bring your confidence and your skills and we can do the rest.

Are you still looking for exotic dancing jobs near me? If so, you’ve found one of the very best. Contact us today and send us your details – we can’t wait to meet you and see what you can do for us and our guests.