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Exotic Dancing Jobs Near Me

Exotic Dancing Jobs Near Me

Exotic dancing jobs near me is a great way to start looking for an exciting new career, or a step up in the one you already have. Search online and you should find a wide variety of different dancing jobs to think about. But remember: not all exotic dancing jobs are going to be suitable for you. Not all are going to be safe. Not all are going to pay well or take place in a private members’ club. The job with us is. And that’s why it’s the one you should be thinking about.

So what – or rather, who – is it we’re looking for?

We want someone who can dance. And strip. And entertain the clients who come through our doors. Yet we’re not (necessarily) looking for someone who has extensive experience in these things. We just need someone who wants to enjoy their job, learn as much as possible, and who won’t be shy when she is asked to entertain. If you have experience, great – get in touch! If you don’t have experience – get in touch anyway; if you have the want and the basic skills, we can train you to have everything else.

We also want someone who wants somewhere more classy and sophisticated to work. Some clubs and bars that hire exotic dancers are seedy, dark, dingy places. But not us. Not The After 8 Club. We are a private members club, so our clientele is high class and they know how to stick to the rules we put in place to protect our dancers. If you’re looking for a good place to work, somewhere that you can earn £200 to £300 each night and where you are looked after properly by management who care, you’ve found the best exotic dancing jobs near me by applying to this one.