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Gentlemen’s Club Hiring Near Me

Gentlemen’s Club Hiring Near Me

If you are searching for a gentlemen’s club hiring near me, you might not find that many. Gentlemen’s clubs – good ones, at least – are few and far between, and that’s a shame. Why? Because gentlemen’s clubs are such great places to work – they are safe and secure because it is members only; no strangers allowed.

That’s great for the dancers who work at places like ours, which is The After 8 Club. It means that not only will they get to know our patrons and enjoy dancing for them, but they’ll know that they can do their job without worrying about the problems they might have faced when they were pole dancing and stripping in other clubs.

There are other benefits for applying for a dancing job at a gentlemen’s club or, rather, at our gentlemen’s club. The money, for one thing; that’s about £200 to £300 a night, so you know you will be able to enjoy your free time as well as your dancing time. Plus we don’t need you to have lots of experience in dancing in a club; we’ll train you to be fantastic, and you’ll learn everything you need to know. Just have the confidence and the dancing moves to begin with, and we can work with that and with you.

If you do have experience you can start right away, and start earning even sooner. It’s a good idea to set your expectations high when you are looking for a gentlemen’s club hiring near me. Go for the best – check out the After 8 Club – so that you can love your job and get paid well for doing it. Who could ever ask for more?