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Gentlemen’s Club Hiring

Gentlemen’s Club Hiring

What do you search for when you are looking for a new dancing job? Whatever you’ve been searching for up until now, try something different. Try searching for gentlemen’s club hiring. You’ll find you end up with results that are a lot better for you – such as The After 8 Club. We’re hiring, we need dancers and strippers, and we offer a fantastic place to work.

As a gentlemen’s club we don’t let people walk through the door unless they are members, or guests of members. Plus even those members are checked over before they can gain membership in the first place. That means your place of work is going to be a comfortable, pleasant, enjoyable place to be. You can do your thing and do it well, safe in the knowledge that no one is going to do anything that makes you feel bad, feel less, or feel concerned in any way.

Speaking of work, because as much fun as dancing is, it is still work, after all, we offer a great salary package of between £200 and £300 a night. For something that doesn’t feel like work, it pays pretty well. Of course, the more experience you have the better – it means you can start more quickly. But if you have no experience and even if you have only ever danced for your partner, or even for yourself, that shouldn’t stop you from applying. We can spot talent when we see it, and we understand what it takes to train someone who already has that talent and can do so much more with it. We’re happy to train you if you require it. All we ask is that you are confident and keen – that’s something we can’t help with.

So if you are searching for a pole dancing job and you want to know if there are any gentlemen’s club hiring then we can tell you there are – we are. We are The After 8 Club and we could be your next career move. Come and see what you think.