How Much Do Pole Dancers Make a Year in the UK?


There are numerous factors involved when it comes to ascertaining how much pole dancers make a year in the UK. Anyone who’s in the business of stripping will be compensated based on market forces – cost, skills, demand, and competition for jobs all play their part in deciding what you earn.

How Much Do Pole Dancers Earn?

So, let’s look at the primary question: how much do pole dancers make a year in the UK? Several exotic pole dancers can earn as much as £37,500, but the rate can sit anywhere between £35,000 to £53,000. Again, there are numerous reasons for this.

Through personal social profiles alone, such as the likes of Twitter and YouTube, exotic pole dancers may earn between £160-£400 per hour, depending on numerous factors. In clubs or other establishments, they could make between £100 and £300 per night.

The Low End of the Pay-Scale

Typically, a UK pole dancer session can earn you anywhere from £12 through to £30 per hour for a performance – or perhaps slightly more. But this would depend on which club you choose and if you have any specific skills.

Choose The After 8 Club

The After 8 Club is the perfect place to work, as it’s stylish and glamorous, and you can potentially earn between £100 to £300 per night in a safe, caring environment. Pole dancers need to be flexible, healthy, and, ideally, must have prior experience. That said, we’re happy to speak to anyone interested in launching a career with us.

Multiple high-end expert pole dancers can earn hundreds of pounds each month by teaching pole dance classes. Yet, this is because of their sharp business skills and exceptional experience working with sponsors and studios.

A pole dancer’s salary is affected by whether or not they have additional experience, know the industry inside out, the regularity of guests, and how many years they’ve been in the business. These factors have a massive bearing on ascertaining how much pole dancers make a year in the UK.

Contact Us

If you love to dance and are energetic, fit, and enthusiastic, why not take your career to the next level and start dancing professionally with The After 8 Club? We want to hear from you! Drop us a line at or call us on 01582 380 147.

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