How to Become an Exotic Dancer

If you want to know about how to become an exotic dancer, then come and have a chat with us – The After 8 Club provides incomparable working conditions, brilliant pay, a welcoming and secure working environment, plus, we’re a private members club, so every single one of our clients understands how to behave and how to have a good time without becoming unruly.

At The After 8 Club, we’re the place for strippers and dancers to track down a job they’ll love. But, how do you become one?

So, without further ado, let’s talk about how to become an exotic dancer:

Get dancing

If you want to get into the industry, you’ll need to know a few basic stage tricks. Check out YouTube – you’ll find thousands of videos by typing in something along the lines of ‘learn how to pole dance’ or ‘how to become an exotic dancer.’

Look for the Right Club

Hop online and delve into some club testimonials. Take a trip to the clubs during various hours to get a feel for the audience and atmosphere, as the staff and customers can vary drastically within several hours. A daytime audience may be labour workers on a lunch break, while Saturday nights may see Gen Z doing tequilas.

Find out whether the club’s strippers are protected and whether the bouncer escorts them safely to their cars following their shifts. What are the rules surrounding drug use and touching? And remember to ask about hiring practices, too.

At The After 8 Club, we’re a sophisticated establishment, and we’re looking for girls to match our ambience. It’s vital for our reputation, and, more importantly, it’s vital for yours. Stating on your CV that you worked as an exotic dancer at The After 8 Club won’t fail to impress, and regardless of what job you wish to pursue when you’re ready to move on, the confidence, composure, and experience you’ll have acquired from us will be priceless.

Be Safe

Congrats! How to become an erotic dancer has paid off, and you’ve been hired. Now you’re in the door, be extremely careful about giving your personal information out, as the last thing you need is a stalker. Never give out your phone number. At The After 8 Club, we’ll take care of you. Unlike other clubhouses that allow their strippers to fend for themselves, we’ll continually be available to manage things. We’re not saying you’ll need our help – our customers know how to behave well and have fun watching you on stage.

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