Lap Dancing Jobs London

Lap Dancing Jobs London

What is it about lap dancing jobs near London that makes you want to apply for one? Everyone’s reasons for working in this industry will be different, but what can definitely be said is that, although in the past we’ll admit that lap dancing, pole dancing, exotic dancing, whatever you want to call it had a bit of a poor reputation, today things are different. Today this is a career you can do well at, be proud of, and succeed in.

Especially when you work for The After 8 Club.

At the After 8 Club, which is a private members club meaning that only those we want to come in can come in, we offer some fantastic perks and a great working environment to our employees. To begin with, the dancers are paid £200 to £300 a night, and they can be sure of working in a safe place because we take this very seriously. If there are any problems, membership rights are revoked, and no one wants that, so our patrons sit and watch and enjoy, but nothing more.

We also offer training, so if you have no experience of professional dancing, don’t worry. We need you to have drive and passion, we need you to have basic dancing skills, we need you – perhaps most importantly of all – to have confidence to dance and entertain in front of dozens of strangers. Other than that, we can teach you the rest. Experience or not, apply to dance for us and let us see what you can do.

Lap dancing jobs are easy to come across, just type the phrase into Google and you’ll see lots of them. But they won’t all be as fun, safe, entertaining, well paid, or classy as the ones we are offering at The After 8 Club. Contact us today, apply for the jobs we have available, and let’s see if we can make something special happen.