Lap Dancing Jobs

Lap Dancing Jobs

Lap dancing jobs are a varied thing. You can have some that take place in seedy nightclubs, and others that take place in sophisticated, well mannered private members club. Which type sounds the best to you? If it’s the former, we can’t help you. You’ll need to look elsewhere and we wish you the best of luck.

If it’s the latter, however, you’re in the right place. We’re The After 8 Club, a highly regarded private members club that prides itself on taking care of our staff and ensuring they are as safe and secure as possible. We are careful about who we let into our club, and everyone needs to be known to us, so our dancers and strippers can be certain that they are not going to have any trouble. We promise.

Plus we reward our employees well. We pay between £200 and £300 each night. Doesn’t that sound good? It is good. It’s great, and it could be yours. Of course, you’ll need to have the skills we are looking for, or rather, the ability to dance and strip. We can train you if you don’t have any experience, and we’re happy to do that – we want to do that. It means that we know you are going to be good because we’ve taught you everything we know.

We don’t have to teach you anything if you’re already experienced. Don’t think that we only want those whom we can offer training too; we’re happy to talk to those with experience, or not, as long as they have the want to do this job. If that is there, we can work on everything else.

You’ll know that dancing jobs are not something that everyone can be good at, and they’re not something that everyone is looking for. But if you are good and you are looking for a job like this, then get in touch today because we’re hiring and we need you.