Stag Do Activities Luton

Stag Do Activities
For A Sophisticated Night Out.
Here are some ideas.

Stag do activities can get fairly (or even very) wild, so much so that the groom can feel terrible the next day and regret ever having gone. It’s even worse if the next day is always the wedding day. That’s why, for some people, a sophisticated, more grown-up kind of stag do is definitely the way to do. Here are some ideas on how to have this kind of more adult stag do.

Private Members Club

‘Grown up’ and ‘sophisticated’ doesn’t have to boring; far from it! Visiting a private members club is a wonderful way to celebrate a stag do, and it can be done safely, discreetly, and in the most comfortable surroundings, you’re likely to find. In short, visiting a club like the After 8 Club will give you everything you want from a stag night and leave you with some amazing memories too.

Meal Out

For those who like their food, a great meal out in a fancy restaurant can be the answer to any stag do questions. Seated around a large table, perhaps in a venue that offers a special tasting menu, you can sample the delights of high-class cuisine, discuss it, and go back for seconds if you want to. It’s fun and fills your belly at the same time. What’s not to like?


Kayaking is a hugely fun way to burn off some energy and some calories, and if you want to make it a (safe) competition then it’s possible to do that too. You can choose between river, lake, and sea kayaking and if you have an instructor or guide with you then it is even better as you’ll be taught exactly what to do and come away with a new (albeit random) skill.


Golf is by its very nature a sophisticated kind of sport since it is slow paced and done in peaceful surroundings, and when it comes to stag do activities it’s likely that at least one of the group will already know how to play. Get out on the green and enjoy a couple of rounds before heading to the 19th hole for refreshments.