Stag Do Ideas – Luton

Stag Do Ideas For The Best Man

If you have been asked to be the best man at a wedding, one of the biggest tasks you will need to complete is arranging the stag do. Stag do ideas can be hard to pin down, but if you know the groom really well it shouldn’t take you too long to come up with a fantastic evening (or even weekend) that will never be forgotten. Here are just some ideas that you could consider.

Visit A Private Members Club

If you are a member of a private club then this is the ideal place to take the groom and your other guests for a great night out. In fact, clubs like the After 8 Club are so exciting and full of entertainment that you might choose not to go anywhere else!


If you’re looking for something that is a little more sophisticated than drinking in a pub then what about the theatre? Is there a show that you would all like to see? Otherwise perhaps a film at the cinema would work for you. After you have seen the show or film then you can discuss it and have fun that way.


Paintballing during the day is a really fun way to enjoy a stag do. You need to use all your skills when it comes to outsmarting your other competitors and emerging the victor. A game of paintball is something that men can all enjoy, allowing them to use their imaginations and let their hair down fully.

Escape Room

A fairly new phenomenon is the escape room. You can find them all across the country now, and they are massive amounts of fun for everyone – they are perfect for a stag do. You need to work together to escape from a room you are locked in by solving different puzzles and challenges. Some escape rooms have restaurants attached to make them even better.

Beer Tasting

When it comes to stag do ideas sometimes the simplest are the best. Why not take your stag group to a brewery for a tour that finishes with beer tasting? Who could say no to that?