Strip Club Jobs Bedford 

Strip Club Jobs Bedford

Let’s face it, there are loads of strip club jobs near Bedford which are available out there, and if this is the career you want to be in, you’ve got all the choice you need. That’s why there’s no reason to make a bad decision; with so much choice, you can take your time and pick the club that is best for you, not the first one that comes along. It’s a good, strong position to be in.

We should all be fighting over you, not the other way around.

Who are we? We’re the After 8 Club, a private members club for discerning gentlemen who need a special place to unwind, to celebrate, to hold business meetings, and to enjoy themselves. That’s us. And we need exotic dancers and strippers to make us – and our clients’ experience – complete.

Why, then, when you have got all this choice, would you want to work for The After 8 Club? There are a number of reasons, all good ones. Firstly, you’ll be paid £200 to £300 a night. That might be enough for some, and that’s fine, but if you want more, we’ll tell you. We also offer extensive, high quality training. That means even if you have the skills and talent but you don’t have the experience, you can learn exactly what to do with us. We’ll teach you how to dance, how to strip, how to work for The After 8 Club, and we’ll give you a job too. That’s a good deal. Finally, we’ve already mentioned that this is a private members club. That’s a good thing too. It means that we only let members through the door; you’ll know who you’re dancing for at all times, and there won’t be any trouble. This is a safe, secure, pleasurable working environment and you’re going to love it.

So get in touch today. There might be strip club jobs a-plenty, but there are none quite like the ones we’re offering at The After 8 Club, so send us your details and let’s talk soon.