Strip Club Jobs London

Strip Club Jobs London

When you start looking for strip club jobs you will probably find a lot of them out there. Strippers and exotic dancers are needed in all kinds of places in all kinds of areas. But remember: some strip clubs are good and some are bad, and it’s important to only apply for the ones that are going to help you stay safe as well as offer you a great career.

Take The After 8 Club near London, for example. Yes, it is a strip club, but no, it’s not ‘just’ a strip club. It is a private members club, which makes it a much more attractive proposition when you are looking for dancing jobs in the area. It means you will only be stripping and dancing for the people we invite to the club, and we know who is there at any given time. They will be well behaved, sophisticated gentlemen. They might be there for a business meeting, or to celebrate an achievement at work, or perhaps even a birthday. But what they won’t be doing is getting rowdy and obnoxious; that’s just not our way.

So now you know that we are an excellent proposition and an ideal place to work, what else can we offer you? There’s the money, of course, that’s an important part of working anywhere. We can offer between £200 and £300 a night, which we’re sure you’ll agree is pretty good going.

We don’t even ask that you have any experience in stripping or pole dancing. You need to have talent, of course, but if you’ve never done this professionally before, don’t worry – we’d still like to hear from you. We’ll train you to do things right, and give you all the confidence and ability you need to earn your money with us. If you do happen to have experience already, that’s great – please apply and we’ll see what you can do.

All in all, strip club jobs can be awful. We know that. We understand it. But at The After 8 Club it’s far from awful; you’re looked after, paid well, and you can enjoy your work to the fullest. Get in touch today and let’s see how we get on.