Strip Club Jobs

Strip Club Jobs

Strip club jobs require talent. They require panache. They require class and flexibility and an ability to get on with anyone. They are a serious business, and that’s why, when looking for a new stripper to hire, the management at The After 8 Club are not going to rush. We are going to find exactly the woman who fits the requirements, and who wants to not only make a good living, but do something enjoyable at the same time.

The After 8 Club prides itself on the level of clientele who come through the doors. If you’re looking for something seedy and unwholesome (although we don’t know why you would be), this is not the place for you. What we offer to our patrons is a private, secure, safe space to be to relax and unwind. It’s the ideal place for business meetings, for solo trips out, for groups, even for stag nights – but we make sure that everyone behaves in the way that we want them to. There are rules, and the rules need to be stuck to.

This means that any dancer who wanted to work for us could be sure that she would be completely safe, working in a place that understands the need to protect its staff and keep their health and happiness at the top of the priority list.

As for what you need, all we ask is an ability to dance and strip well, a great personality, and a want to do the job not just for the money (which is around £200 to £300 each night) but for the joy of it too. Working in a private members club and dancing for the clients there solely for the money involved will soon make you tired and you’ll want to try something else; we want those who want to do this because they love it.

No experience is necessary either; we’ll make sure you are fully trained before you start. If you’ve been looking for strip club jobs, now you can stop searching; you’ve found The After 8 Club.