Strip Clubs Hiring Bedford

Strip Clubs Hiring Bedford

When there are strip clubs hiring near Bedford you might be tempted to apply for the job. This will especially be the case if you have experience in working somewhere similar, or you have the skills and talent required to work in such a strenuous, demanding profession.

Yet are you really making the right choice? Strip clubs are one thing – we all know what they are like – but what about a private members club? Wouldn’t that be an altogether better prospect? With The After 8 Club it certainly is, and we’re looking for strippers and dancers right now to entertain our clients and uphold our fantastic reputation.

What are we looking for? Someone who can dance, and who has the confidence to strip. Maybe with experience, maybe not; we are happy to train anyone who has all the other attributes we are looking for, even if they’ve never worked in this field professionally before, or haven’t been doing it for long. Those who do have experience, we’d love to hear from you too – we’re happy to hear from everyone who thinks they’ve got what it takes to become one of The After 8 Club’s dancers.

What do you get in return? You get a safe, secure, professional, comfortable environment to work in. We’re a private members club, which means that no one comes through the door unless we know who they are, or they’ve been invited by someone we know. We also offer plenty of training, as mentioned above. Whether you need to start from scratch or you just need a bit of a top up on your skills, we’re here for you. Then there’s the money; £200 to £300 a night. That sound okay? If so, please apply quickly; we’re looking for someone to start right away and become part of our friendly family.

When there are strip clubs hiring, don’t just apply for the very first job you see – be discerning and check whether The After 8 Club is hiring first. Right now we are, and we’d be happy to hear from you.