Strip Clubs Hiring

Strip Clubs Hiring

Strip clubs hiring are something you might have been looking out for recently if you’re keen to work in this industry. Some of the jobs will be in seedy, unpleasant places. Some will be in places where the management don’t take care of – or care about – their staff. Some will pay poorly, or not give any time off.

At The After 8 Club we’re not like that. We are fair and safe and great people to work for. We would say that, of course, but we would say that because it’s true. We want our dancers to be happy, safe, and content in their jobs. We don’t want them heading off to the competition when they’re doing such a great job for us. So we look after them. We give them what they need, they earn around £200 to £300 a night, and we’re fair when it comes to holidays and time off.

Stripping and dancing is tiring work, and we understand that sometimes you’ll need a break. No problem. If you’re good to us, we’ll be good to you. We’re looking for a fair, fun deal, as we’re sure you are too.

So just who are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who is able to dance and entertain our private clients. That doesn’t mean you have to have done any professional dancing in the past; experience is not necessary and we’ll give you all the training you need. We also want someone who loves to impress and is outgoing and fun. Add all that together and if that’s you, you no longer have to look for strip clubs hiring; just come to us.