Stripper Jobs

Stripper Job Application

You may have seen a stripper job application and wondered whether it was something you should take further. This will depend.

It will depend on the venue offering the job. Is it a ‘seedy’ kind of strip club, one that doesn’t look after its employees and is really just about the money, or is it something like the After 8 Club, a private members club that offers an environment of sophistication and comfort, full of people who are well behaved and who are vetted before they can join? The former is something to stay away from it possible, and the latter is us; we’re looking for strippers and dancers to keep our clients happy.

It will depend on you. Are you shy and retiring, unsure about how to dance and unhappy with male attention? Or are you confident and outgoing, happy to have men watch you dance and enjoy the attention that comes with it, with the ability to dance well? If the former, it’s best to look for a different career as you’re not going to enjoy yourself in that job. If the latter, great! You are exactly the person we’ve been looking for.

You’ll notice we didn’t mention anything about experience. That’s because we don’t think it’s the be all and end all for you to have it. If you do, wonderful, but if you don’t, don’t worry – we can offer all the training you’ll need. So don’t let that put you off applying if it was all that was stopping you.

We offer a salary in the range of £200 to £300 a night, and we’re a safe space to work in. A classy venue that has a long history and is a credible place to make a living. Complete our stripper job application today and let us know all about you; this could be the start of something wonderful for all of us.