Stripper Jobs Available

Stripper Jobs Available

If you want to know about stripper jobs available then come and talk to us – we offer exceptional working conditions, great rates, a friendly and safe environment to work in, and we’re a private members club, so out clients know how to behave and how to enjoy themselves without getting rowdy.

We’re the After 8 Club, and we’re a great place for dancers and strippers to find a job they can enjoy.

We’re not asking for years of experience (although if you do happen to have that, we’ll be more than happy to talk to you) because we offer all the training you’ll need. What we do want is for you to want this job, to enjoy this job, to love dancing and stripping, and to be confident in your abilities – we can’t teach that, but we can teach you everything else. And we’ll pay you £200 to £300 each night you work as well; that’s a fair deal.

So why be a stripper? There are many reasons to consider. It’s good for your health to start with; all that dancing is great exercise. It reduces stress and anxiety. Plus it builds confidence. You’ll be networking will all kinds of interesting people, and it’s fun. How many other jobs can you think of that offers all of that, and includes a great salary, and is safe and secure? There aren’t many.

Come to the After 8 Club to talk about stripper jobs available and we’ll be happy to chat. You’ll be able to see exactly what we’re about and what we’re like, and you’ll know right away if you want to work for us. We hope to see you soon.