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Stripper Jobs Near Me Bedford 

Stripper Jobs Near Me Bedford

If you type ‘stripper jobs near me’ into a search engine a few things will happen. Firstly, you’ll most likely get a list of places looking for strippers. Secondly, you’ll know whether – at first glance – you want to work in any of them. Some will look reasonable, others will be off-putting.

But what about The After 8 Cub? We might well come up when you input those words into a search engine; what do you think of us? We’ll tell you what we hope you would think. We hope you would think we are caring, considerate, exciting, new, bold, secure, safe, top class, fun, and exactly the place you want to work. Why? Well we pride ourselves on being an exclusive private members club, so you can be sure that anyone in The After 8 Club is there because they are meant to be. Yes, they pay for the privilege, and yes, they are happy to do that because we offer them a wonderful environment to rest, relax, talk, and be themselves. Sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed.

What else is needed is someone like you. Someone who is keen to find a good job stripping and dancing, and who wants somewhere special to work. Even if you didn’t realise it until just now, that’s a good thing to want – and it’s not an impossible ask either. It’s what we offer. We also offer £200 to £300 a night, which you’ll agree is not a bad wage at all. On top of that, if you need some training but you have the basic skills and the confidence to show them off, we’ll help you; we want you to be the best you can be, so we’re happy to train you to a high standard.

What do you think? Would you like to search for stripper jobs near me and come across The After 8 Club? We think so. We’re proud of what we do and the high standards we adhere to. Apply today and let’s talk about how we can help one another achieve more.