Earn up to £400 a night!

Strippers For Hire 2024

Here at After 8 Club, we're on the lookout for captivating strippers for hire. We seek charismatic pole dancers who possess the power of allure and the passion to entertain. Does the idea of thrilling an appreciative audience set your pulse racing? Then you might be the sparkling gem we're seeking for our upscale gentleman's club.

Step into the Spotlight

We believe a great dancer is defined not only by skill but also by passion and enthusiasm. Are you a captivating performer who thrives under the spotlight? We're calling for strippers for hire who find joy in movement and excitement in expression. If you love captivating a crowd and relish the energy of the stage, we want to hear from you!

 Simply complete the application form, attach a photo, and our staff will contact you to arrange an interview.