Strippers For Hire

Strippers for Hire

Strippers for hire… Now we’ve got your attention, is this the kind of job ad you’ve been looking for? If so, we’ve got a position that will suit you. We’re The After 8 Club, a private members club that oozes style and sophistication, and we need more dancers and strippers to help us entertain our clientele.

Our ideal candidate will be a great dancer who knows not only how to entertain our clients, but how to have fun while doing it. A good dancer isn’t enough – someone who loves what they do and is happy to show it will seal the deal.

What we’re not (necessarily) looking for is someone with experience in professional pole dancing and stripping. We can teach you what to do, and we can train you how to do it well so that you will become an expert in no time. However, if you do have experience don’t let that put you off – of course we’re happy to have you too! Just apply and let us see what you can do; we’ll know right away if you’re the kind of dancer our club needs.

Remember, we’re a classy establishment, and we need people to match our vibe. It’s important for our reputation, but just as much it is important for yours. Putting that you were a dancer at The After 8 Club on your CV is going to impress, and no matter what you want to do when you’re ready to move on, the confidence, poise, and knowledge you will have gained from us will be invaluable.

So what’s in it for you? Why answer our strippers for hire ad? Firstly, you’ll be earning somewhere between £200 and £300 a night. That’s not bad, especially considering you’ll be doing something you enjoy. Secondly, we’ll look after you. Unlike other establishments that let their dancers fend for themselves, we’ll always be on hand to keep thing under control. Not that our help is often needed; our patrons know how to behave themselves and enjoy the show that you’ll put on for them.